Benefits of Cloud Hosting Deployment 馃殌

Web hosting has evolved. The most common hosting solutions are already an obsolete model, even for the smallest businesses. Cloud computing allows small and medium-sized companies to be in the same conditions as large ones, thanks to the savings made by investing in their own IT infrastructure.

In the past, choosing the most powerful option required hiring a dedicated server, not being accessible to the pockets of many. The costs were numerous: renting the server or housing (if you have your own infrastructure), maintenance costs, backup copies, technical staff, etc. This scenario made shared hosting the popular choice.

Why is shared hosting so cheap? Basically because a set of web pages have access to the resources of a single server. Typically, hosting companies to squeeze the benefits, host up to 300 websites without a specific optimization for each case. In addition, these servers are usually managed by automated hosting panels, such as cPanel or Plesk, already consuming a large part of the resources.

Cloud hosting offers the power of a dedicated server but allows the company to focus on its activity without having to dedicate time and resources to technological maintenance. For us, without a doubt, it is the best offer on the market.

In each of our cloud hosting plans, we take care of optimizing and pampering each of our customers’ environments. As an example, we can present the most recent case of success, the e-commerce of yoga products Junglemat.

In Junglemat there is a lot of care, craftsmanship and detail behind each of its products. It is a project that has made us very excited to welcome and be responsible for managing its infrastructure.

Junglemat is based on WordPress + WooCommerce, the most common tandem in e-commerce software. Like all other e-commerce platforms, the minimum specifications make shared hosting unviable in production environments.

We took care of the migration of Junglemat from shared hosting to a cloud hosting infrastructure optimized by us. Thanks to this change, there have been several benefits:

Reduced load times of up to 75%, automated system backups, up to 35 minutes of daily savings in waiting times.

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